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Nov 4, 1987 (Age: 36)
Johannesburg South Africa

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JP Rhodes, 36, from Johannesburg South Africa

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Nov 25, 2021
    1. BoshtrichBurger
      Nah, not interested mate. :p
    2. Mariner
    3. Mariner
    4. HeathDavisSpeed
      Somebody's drafting... :detective:

      Seriously though, just look at the provincial matches and see who started at first-five. For CricSim, Eds, Hunter and Alessi all got look-ins. The rest is up to you.
    5. Mariner
      Pick again
    6. Mariner
      What Himann said.
    7. Himannv
      We've got a draft going in the SR subbie mate. Feel free to join in.
    8. loganb
      Are you really telling me that if someone were to do number 2, they would never be forgiven by God? No matter what happened in the rest of their life?
    9. loganb
      Like what potholes? Don't you think these are challenges, challenging your faith?

      Yeah I'd agree that discussion is huge.

      No, I'm just saying that through language barriers and whatnot, it can't be guaranteed that he version we read now is anywhere near the original. It could be, but it's unlikely. There's even misunderstanding and misinterpretation about language that Shakespeare used... and that wasn't too long ago in the grand scheme of things.
    10. loganb
      Well what makes the road difficult then?

      But going to church doesn't necessarily help an issue with translation... at the end of the day, the preacher is only preaching his own particular interpretation anyway.

      Oh does it? You can guarantee me that, from the very original version?
    11. loganb
      It depends how you interpret the Gospel, simple as that. Not only you're own interpretation, but there are also so many different versions of the bible.

      I never actually claimed to be a Christian, ftr. But I think it's crazy that you think being a Christian should just be a happy merry road. I do know that being a Christian is incredibly tough, and certainly not easy.
    12. loganb
      How can God be omnibenevolent and all merciful if he doesn't forgive a certain sin, which is certainly not an unavoidable sin.

      I don't understand how you think you can be a strong Christian and have a strong faith if it's not tested. That includes testing what you believe in and how strong your faith in. I feel we're going to be going nowhere with this tbh.
    13. loganb
      I have never known a Christian who I look up to for what they believe who hasn't had what they believe tested, or challenged it themselves. They challenged it and were proved wrong by God, hence their belief grew stronger and in turn, so did their faith. People testify that they wouldn't be where they were now had they not had it tested by Satan, through themselves and their own sin. Simple as.

      No road is silky smooth; it's only right for it to be tested for you to know it to be true. After all, the only way you know that 1+1=2 is after you've tested it. If you didn't understand basic maths, you would have to simply believe it, but once you test it and understand it, you believe in it more strongly.
    14. loganb
      Now cause this has gone past the topic in the thread, and I feel quite interested in the topic, I'm gonna post this on your wall so as not to clog up the thread. Anways:


      I see the test here, so I will say this:

      I hear what everyone says about tests, but the word "test" here should be contextualised into either (1) Testing if WHAT you believe in, is right, which would entail distancing yourself from your religion and become an outsider with an objective opinion as opposed to your current subjective opinion, which in my opinion NO person who claims to be an unwavering Christian would be willing to do; and

      (2) "testing" how STRONG your faith is, for from the perspective of a believer this is how you GROW in your religion, by sometimes, in tough times for example, doubting that God is there and looking out for you, but then regain your unwavering faith through some intervention.

      Take notes logan.
    15. MrPrez
    16. MrPrez
      Mafia game:

      For now, you wait. Once sign ups are complete and the game starts, you'll be given a role.

      The role will explain what you can do. The point of the game is to try to get rid of the mafia, unless you're the mafia, in which case your goal is to get rid of town. You always want people to think you're town.

      Google "mafiascum wiki beginners guide" for a basic synopsis as they'll do it far better than me.
    17. MrPrez
      Black Sheep is trying to get the answers that noone else gets. But they have to be right, yes.
    18. MrPrez
      It's your pick right now, don't have to pm Regan. Just go post it in the thread.
    19. Rego
      CPL union draft
    20. Jager
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    Nov 4, 1987 (Age: 36)
    Johannesburg South Africa
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