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Nov 24, 2023
    1. Teja.
      Hit the word limit, You got me started on hb so, yeah :p

      That is even excluding his abuse of the race card and annoyingly inane undermining of Tendulkar at every possible opportunity. I really dgaf if anybody else does it but because I know hb does it with an agenda it pisses me off. There was this once when Warne said Sachin was the best batsman he bowled to and hb came in and said Warne's only doing it because of the IPL money and it has to be Lara etc. Moron.
    2. Teja.
      Yeah, I agree thoroughly. It's absurd frankly to equate having say, Murali or McGrath to having Dravid or Viv in your side. Peaks and troughs aside, a great bowler is so much more valuable. The only way to compensate for that would be batsmen who have ridiculously long careers and therefore add a lot of value in longevity.

      On hb, haha, I started the Crabs thread on him, I believe. He's easily the most infuriating poster on CC, for mine. I really can't stand people using opinions of mugs like your average ex-cricketer pundit as authorities/proof in a debate and hb is the worst offender there. With him, It's like there's a black and white divide of raw statistics/listening to Jeff Thomson and there is no scope for reason and meaningful debate at all for who are we to opine on things.
    3. Teja.
      Cheers for that - I believe I've asked this to another football fan before who gave me a stock reply of "It's just like in cricket, batsmen get more attention etc." and the thought struck me today that what is actually the phenomena is merely that the marginal utility gained from good to exceptional wrt keeping is much lower than with attacking, comparable to fielding excluding slipping in test cricket.
    4. The Boy Brumby
      The Boy Brumby
      **** = cunt, I not unreasonably thought... :shy:
    5. Teja.
      Are there a relatively large-ish group of top goal-keepers in football with nobody really very much ahead?

      I'm asking because that's pretty much the only way I can reconcile - from a logic-economics POV - that the keeper is not the most valuable/sought-after player in football.
    6. Teja.
      Besides Poker > Everything, IMO. Have lost count of the amount of people who have told me I should start playing, think I'll start picking it up soon. Sounds a very intriguing game, regardless of how good I will be at it.
    7. Teja.
      Haha, just realized I might have sounded like a pompous **** in the Confidence thread. Did not intend for it if so, so apologies etc.

      Make no mistake I'm definitely not TV series good/surreal or something and, It's just that debating and public speaking are things I've been doing since 6th-7th grade for nigh on a decade and enjoy so I've become quite good at them. The reading thing is straight up weird though.
    8. Baxter
      Haha, our HP side has a disgusting number of spinners unfortunately. A promotion to 9 could be on the cards if you keep yourself about throughout the season too :p
    9. Baxter
      Have you seen you're back in the side for this week's Horrigan Plate match? If you care at all :p
    10. Baxter
    11. Baxter
      Sign for the Ravens again puhlease
    12. Cribbage
    13. Cribbage
      Feel like signing up for the cricket sim?

      Ravens will give you a contract for the rest of this season if you do. Of those you'd know, we've got Marcuss, Clapo/Johnners, GI Joe, Teja, pasag, SirBloodyIdiot, Daemon, Phlegm, Howsie and myself. Lots of CW presence at the club in general.
    14. Howe
    15. Furball
    16. morgieb
    17. Furball
      Good to have you on board
    18. GIMH
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