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Oct 18, 2022
    1. loganb
    2. loganb
      Fancy Brad Friedel at £8mill?
    3. loganb
      We've spent £85mill. So we have £245mill left and this is our squad ATM:

      Chiellini (£27mill)
      Coloccini (£12mill)
      Agger (£15mill)
      Sandro (£9.5mill)
      Sigurdsson (£5mill)
      Huntelaar (£15.5mill)

      Benitez (£1mill)

      So yeah. Need a top notch keeper, another striker and a CM, as more urgent calls. Would be tempted to put a few on Ronaldo. I'm going off to Belgium early morning so I'll probably miss this deadline. Down to you, my man. Grab us a bargain.
    4. loganb
      Cesc Fabregas - £22m - TKP/Eds
      Gonzalo Castro - £3.5m - TKP/Eds
      Mesut Ozil - £23m - Skip/Alex
      Danilo - £5m - Skip/Alex
      Lukas Podolski - £5m - TKP/Eds
      Laurent Koscielny - £8m - 99/Vimes
      Pedro - £9m - Skip/Alex
      Nemanja Vidic - £17m - Skip/Alex
      Kevin-Prince Boateng - £10m - Eddie/Das
      Patrice Evra - £9m - Skip/Alex

      Current round.

      Also, what do you think should be the upper limit for buying Moutinho?
    5. loganb
      Gun. Trying for Moutinho, but Baxter doesn't want to budge.
    6. loganb
      Him and Chiellini at cb = :fap:
    7. loganb
      We got Agger.
    8. loganb
      I dropped out of uni cause of work tbh. It was dead end and pointless, the music world. For me, anyway.
    9. loganb
      Adil Rami - £7m - Cloughie/furball
      Sergio Ramos - £8.5m - Cloughie/furball
      Antonio Di Natale - £5m - Cab/Him
      Luka Modric - £10.5m - Cloughie/furball
      Miroslav Klose - £2m - Cab/Him
      Fernando Llorente - £20m - 99/Vimes
      Julian Draxler - £7.5m - 99/Vimes
      Cristian Tello - £2m - Cab/Him
      Ever Banega - £8m - Cloughie/furball
      Jesus Navas - £2m - Cab/Him

      What do you reckon?
    10. mouse
      Even if the money isn't great, it'll still look amazing on the cv for future employment...

      You dropped out of Uni? How come

      Haha, get yourself to it! I went to the Wales vs Belgium game at Cardiff and it was amazing

      Some quality players there, let's see how the bidding goes first and see if they're some value available.
    11. loganb
      Stevan Jovetic
      Karim Benzema
      Benedikt Howedes
      David De Gea
      Jan Vertonghen
      Roman Weidenfeller
      Sami Khedira
      Didier Drogba
      James Rodriguez

      What do you reckon?
    12. loganb
      Although the cheapest tickets I've been able to find so far are 89€...
    13. loganb
      THEY HAVE A WORLD CUP QUALIFIER ON THE 7TH JUNE!!! If I can afford it, I'm going.
    14. loganb
      I wasn't expecting to get it at all tbh. It usually goes to university 3rd years who have studied business/the things I'll be doing. Considering I dropped out of my first year at university last week and was studying music, I was amazed! All I've done for this is write a one page summary of a (rather large) bid. Madness.
    15. loganb
      It is! Haha, if there is one about and I can afford it, you can rest assured I'll be there! I'm getting 125€/week to live on, which isn't extortionate, but I imagine I'll be able to save up for a ticket if there is one going. If not, I'll just go to any football game! Haha.
    16. loganb
      Not everyone learnt both at my school you see. They split the year so one half did French and the other German (you could request to do one or the other though, but only in year 7, when I wasn't at the school. I'd studied German before anyway.) then in the third year of learning that subject, a portion of the top set had the option to take the other language, cutting one of the other subjects, which I did.

      Exactly. 2 months, which'll be plenty of time! If I'm honest, I'll be disappointed if I haven't learnt it in 2 months!
    17. loganb
      Haha, I only did French for a year, as a double linguist, so it was definitely bottom of the pile in terms of priorities. I studied German you see! Haha. Anyway, I'm quite a musical person, so I reckon I'll be able to pick it up fairly quickly.
    18. loganb
      I know right. A week is plenty time to become fluent in a language!
    19. loganb
      Yeah, it'll be crazy. Especially considering I can't speak French.
    20. loganb
      It's mainly to do with bidding for contracts, but with a bit of project management thrown in too. It's with a company called Serco, who do a shit load of contracts here in Britain, but the Brussels branch do a lot too. Looking forward to it, however with a fair bit of trepidation.

      Yeah fair shout.
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