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October 10
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BS Read, from Port Macquarie

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Jan 23, 2024
    1. Lukic
      you down with waiting to pick the other half?

      Who you thinking of anyway? At this point only gus I can think of from the NRL worth taking are Keary, Mbye or Elgey
    2. Alex
      U up in rl draft mate changed my pick
    3. Alex
      Sorry for the wrong tag mate, not on the ball today
    4. Escath
      Just pick a generation and I'll sort some Pokemon out for you :p
    5. Eds
    6. Eds
      Yeah that's awesome. I'll speak to Eggman or someone and see if they can get edit it to make it an LA rather than just an L.
    7. Benny
    8. Eds
      You got any other greyhounds logo options on google or something? Not the end of the world, would just be easier for me if you had one with a clear background.
    9. Eds
      You got an LA Greyhounds logo with a clear background mate?
    10. Escath
      Pick a Pokemon generation 1-6
    11. hen da man
      hen da man
      Awesome, season ahead should be good then!
    12. hen da man
      hen da man
      Yeah I understand that form and development is really important so you don't want to disrupt that too much and hence me wanting to break into a first team during the season rather than start straight up in a first team. Cheers for the advice though Benny.
    13. hen da man
      hen da man
      Sweet Benny, that does make things a bit easier to understand. I'm not looking to straight away jump up into a first team and wanted to work my way in but as long as I know there is a chance of me sneaking into the first team when my form is good, I am content to stay. Loyalty is something I will try and stick by too so I'll go and sign that contract. Knocking back 3 teams here though so let's hope this is the right choice :P
    14. hen da man
      hen da man
      Hey man! Yeah I checked them out and I'm averaging some ridiculous numbers hahaha :P I've had a couple offers from some other teams as well so I'm working through what's going to be the quickest for me to get to a first team level and all and it seems that it would be pretty hard to crack into the Gamblers first team considering the quality throughout the middle order. With not too much knowledge of the ins and outs of the sim I believe that moving to a team where I could break into the first team by the end of the season would be ideal but mate feel free to convince me that staying is the smart choice!
    15. Jackenny
      Will join now.
    16. Julian
      on his youtube channel
    17. Julian
      You heard Allday - Coffin?
    18. Mr Chook
      Mr Chook
      Done. Thanks mate.
    19. hen da man
      hen da man
      At some point I may make the switch across but I've already signed this season with the Vikings.
    20. Mr Chook
      Mr Chook
      Yeah mate I'll give it a go. I'm a first timer so let me know what I need to do to make it happen.
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