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Jun 15, 2024 at 2:40 PM
    1. Frizzed
      Hey mate, how's the young bloke travelling these days ?
    2. Paddy
      Congrats to Penrith mate. Actually happy to see them do well.
      1. Sultan Pepper
        Sultan Pepper
        It's pretty exciting. Hoping they're up for finals footy.
        Sep 19, 2020
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      2. Paddy
        Have to add to this and say grats sir for the premiership. If anyone deserved to enjoy one it's you mate.
        Oct 8, 2021
    3. GYR
      Congrats on the kid champion!
      1. Sultan Pepper likes this.
    4. The Half Back
      The Half Back
      Hey mate, you thinking of coming back to the Rugby Sim? If so, we'd love to have you at the Sharks, you can straight up sign a contract right now if you want.
    5. Tartmaster
      Hey dude, Would you be interested in signing for the Vikings in SR. We could really use you.
    6. GYR
      Congrats on the engagement mate!
      1. Sultan Pepper likes this.
    7. HeathDavisSpeed
    8. Tnuc
      Hey Mate,

      Sorry for the delayed reply.

      I didn't get to any islands when I was there, but I really don't think you can go wrong with Santorini or Mykonos.

      On the mainland, if you're at all into history, Athens is amazing, and I'd really recommend a trip to the Pelepponessus. You can see Mycenae, which is the oldest civilisation in Europe, Sparta, Olympia, Corinth and Naphflion, which was the first modern Greek capitol, and it's absolutely beautiful. We did it in a (long) day, but if you did an overnighter it would be better.

      In the north, I would have loved to have got to the monasteries at Meteora but didn't have time. They look so spectacular.

      There's so much to see everywhere, isn't there? Never enough time.

      Hope you have a great time mate. I'm sure you will.
    9. Maroon_Faithful
    10. Paddy
      I think what Clive did by allowing the super to freeze is effectively it has sealed the Coalition's fate. No way will they win the next election now with that hanging over it. People won't vote for a government to do even more damage with a mandate.
    11. Paddy
      According to Skippos one of his local MP's seemed to jump ship. Seems like this Coalition is starting to unravel.
    12. Paddy
      Im enjoying the unravelling of the Coalition as it unfolds given now even some of their MPs are now defecting apparently.
    13. Paddy
      The major parties especially this coalition make it really easy. All Ive seen them do is use repetitive blame Labor arguments as an excuse to put out a cruel and shitty budget. Good to see Palmer and the Greens look like standing up against the government.
    14. Paddy
      Reckon Clive Palmer is the man.
    15. Old Mate
      Old Mate
      Use your skills to get us TLET access again, you're my only hope.
    16. Ged
      Yeah. No dramas. I sincerely doubt that I will given I work on a site building an LNG plant.
    17. Ged
      Hey Mandinga. I honestly wouldn't have a clue on the topic. My job isn't actually mining but building the plant at which the mined gas is stored. It's just easier to say that I'm working in the mines. Are you trying to get into it?
    18. Cribbage
      It's still of him, it's just edited. No infraction this time, but just straight up don't make that post in any form or you'll get a massive infraction. Don't try to get around it.
    19. Incey
      Play nearly nrl. 1 spot left. PM Magic for the code
    20. Jabba
      Emm, PLZ sign up for basketball sim. The Mustangs need you
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