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Oct 4, 1989 (Age: 34)

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    1. loganb
      Excellent, get back to me with what you think.

      Also, I've managed to get an internship in Brussels starting on the 3rd June, so I''ll be there probably from the second... My internet may well be cut down, so you may be on your own from then. Thought I should mention it. But hopefully I do have internet!
    2. loganb
      That round has now finished, so we won't have got anyone! Haha. If I'm not on, feel free to bid yourself.
    3. loganb
      Cesar Azpilicueta - £5.5 mill (cloughie/furball)
      Joaquin - £3 mill (Cab/Him)
      Sergio Busquets - £27.5 mill (Baxter/Blunder)
      Rafael - £5.5 mill (Cab/Him)
      Diego Milito - £4 mill (cloughie/furball)
      Dante - £7 mill (Cab/Him)
      Franck Ribery - £19 mill (cloughie/furball)
      Oliver Giroud - £5.5 mill (cloughie/furball)
      Antonio Valencia - £5.5 mill (cloughie/furball)
      Manuel Neuer - £26.5 mill (cloughie/furball)

      Joaquin at a low price, Rafael, Milito, Dante and Valencia this round. Sorry I've been inactive over the weekend bro! You gonna be on in a couple of hours?
    4. Eddie
      No problem. Decent pick at this stage, always rated him, would love to see him in the premiership.
    5. Eddie
      Nope, not yet.
    6. Eddie
      FM Draft
    7. loganb
      Are you around this weekend btw?
    8. loganb
      But I think our defenders will be our most important players.

      I really rate Chiellini too. Up there in the top 3 defenders in the world for me.
    9. loganb
      If we can pick up Agger cheap that'll be gun.
    10. loganb
      paid 2 mill over my limit of what I said for Chiellini, but thought it'd be worth it. If it proves otherwise, sorry. I just thought it'd be worth it. I will back this one. More than what I was hoping for, but I think he's worth it.
    11. loganb
      Decent considering Lahm cost £36mill, Alonso went for £26mill and Falcao went for £36.5mill. On the latest Fifa, Huntelaar is rated at 85 and Falcao at 88.
    12. loganb
      Haha we did. So far we've got Rafa (£1mill), Gylfi (£5mill), Sandro (£9.5mill), Colo (£12mill) and Huntelaar (£15.5mill). All quality, and we've spent £43mill, if my maths is correct. so we have £287mill left.
    13. loganb
      Not yet, no.
    14. loganb
      Or maybe players like Chiellini or Vermaelen say, to play left side of centre back and CBs that double as RBs to play on the right side so that we can instruct them to move out to wingers if needed, and instruct cdms to go more defensive when on the defence? If you can do that?
    15. loganb
      Possibly, but even so, you'd think he'd check. I mean I did that, but I just put 2 bids higher (so £1mill on top of the increase bid) just to be certain.

      Here's Thursdays list:

      Angel Di Maria
      Alan Dzagoev
      Arturo Vidal
      Anthony Reveillere
      Daniel Sturridge
      Sebastien Kehl
      Eric Abidal
      Samir Nasri

      You know, a decent full back may not be such a bad idea. If we play one CB, an RB and an LB, and 2 central defensive midfielders who can drop back and essentially form a back four with the CD playing a sweeper role, then stepping up when we win the ball back. That way we can cover the wings when we inevitably come up against players like Ronaldo (if we don't get Ronaldo). See what I'm saying? Feel free to ridicule the idea if you think it's silly though.
    16. loganb
      Right ok. I'll sort this round then. I'll stick to limits that I set this time, don't worry :p

      I know right! When he was about £19mill I was tempted to put some on him, but it wouldn't have made a difference. The stupid thing is that Eddie had the leading bid on him anyway at £30mill, then he upped it himself to £36mill...
    17. loganb
      Day 29
      Antoine Griezmann
      Andrea Barzagli
      Gary Cahill
      Ashley Young
      Francesco Totti
      Edin Dzeko
      Arjen Robben
      Fernando Muslera
      Juan Mata

      Day 30
      Júlio César
      Rio Mavuba
      Andre Ayew
      Domenico Criscito
      Daniele De Rossi
      Steve Mandanda
      Thomas Vermaelen
      Demba Ba

      Day 31
      Roberto Soldado
      Victor Moses
      Glen Johnson
      Stephane Lichtsteiner
      Marcel Schmelzer
      Mapou Yanga M'Biwa
      Neven Subotic
      David Alaba
      Javier Pastore

      Day 32
      Robert Lewandowski
      Riccardo Montolivo
      Ashley Cole
      Stephan Kiessling
      Douglas Costa
      Kyriakos Papadopolous
      Jan Kirchoff
      Diego Contento
      Danny Welbeck
      Wojciech Szczęsny

      Day 33
      Thiago Alacantara
      Matija Nastasic
      Łukasz Piszczek
      Nacho Monreal
      Kevin Strootman
      Lisandro Lopez
      Victor Valdes
      Ryan Giggs
      Pepe Reina

      These are the last 5 rounds. If we save money, there are some quality players in there. Ronaldo doesn't go until quite late either.
    18. loganb
      If my maths is current, this round ends at 3pm tomorrow our time. I'll probably put in any bids then. If Nani is below £12/13mill, I might put one on him too. Likewise if Jakub is cheap, I might put something on him. Ideally I think it'd be best to keep our money till the end.
    19. loganb
      Well Lahm went for £36mill, hence stretching to £25m. Naturally, I'll keep it as low as possible.
    20. loganb
      Yeah. Reckon £25mill would probably be the absolute limit for a Chiellini. I'll try and stick on a late bid for him.
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