Dragon Ball Z Mafia Game Thread: The Saiyan Saga

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  1. Captain SSD Dong

    Except that in the process, you end up with people revealing important roles to mafia.

    Mafia now know that Boob is potentially an investigator, you're a watcher, Escath is Tien, N11 is Yajirobe and a bunch of other shit which they had no business knowing. Some of that could have easily been avoided. When maf look at the list of remaining players, they're no longer randomly killing, they can actually target the power roles.
  2. BoyBlunder BOY Blunder

    And by doing that if they have an investigator they can further narrow it down, or a wather they can take a punt on one of them and find protective roles
  3. Captain SSD Dong

    If Cevno doesn't reply do we just lynch?

    Gazza, Farhat, Cevno, brettman135, Rocks, Harps, NP10

    Fair chance of hitting a maf from that list imo.
  4. Mousey AJ Son

    Zorax wants to know all he can, and that's understandable, but what I don't think he gets is the mafia finds out all he's discovering too, and its of greater use to them in pieces before it becomes a whole. This is why we generally try to wait for reports early before going all scattergun/claim/read happy. Last resort, not first post of the day.
  5. Lukic L Popovic

    I'd say there's at least some possibility that Phlegm's death was a bus.
  6. Howe JHF Howe

    Get on Skype shunt
  7. BoyBlunder BOY Blunder

    Two questions: has Cevno been online and ignored the thread? Also did he lynch Arheiner?

    Generally im opposed to lynching someone purely for not contributing. Its the lowest form of scumhunting and generally doesnt add anything to towns knowledge. I think look at the list of those who lynched Arheiner, and just accepted the shitty logic.
  8. Cevno IV Narang

    Been unexpectedly busy period for me so sorry for the inactivity.

    And IIRC i didn't lynch arheiner and lynched phlegm pretty early.
  9. Cevno IV Narang

    Looking back, I am most suss on Gazza tbh.

    All his posts so far have been vague but jumped on the Arheiner lynch bandwagon and then didn't lynch Phlegm either and claims a vanilla role.

    Yeah, thats how he plays it is valid but could be a convenient get out too.

    And did Lukic and Boobidy both claim investigators ? Boobidy i can find but where did Lukic claim?
  10. brettman135 BR Hall

    Nah Lukic didn't claim invest just wasn't convinced 100% about zorax.
  11. Gazza GJ Weaver

    A maf would say that
  12. zorax ZX Doom

    Re: town power roles trying to hide

    While thats true, I think the risk of having town power players exposing themselves is worth it.

    When you are playing as Mafia, it is significantly easier to play the quiet, slide under the radar game than it is to be talkative and active. When you engage in discussion, you are forced to justify your actions and suspicions. You may even be pressured into a role/character claim - especially if someone catches you with a night role of some sort.

    This leaves Mafia with two options - either play as tho they are a vanilla townie, or try to pass off as a town power role. Playing as vanilla keeps you under major suspicion all game, increasing your odds of being found out, and will all come crumbling down as soon as someone finds out you have a night role. Claiming a Power Role is extremely risky - you could be CCed, you could be forced to reveal findings that you need to maks up on the spot, and as Verigoat showed in ME mafia, you could trip over your own web of lies.

    If the town agrees to letting people slide under, it is making life easier for Maf. Could Maf still win if we try to play in a more aggressive, talkative manner? Sure they can. Thats the point of Mafia. There is no tactic that guarantees a town win. But I prefer to play in this manner, since it forces the Mafia players to actually play well and deceive/manipulate town, rather than letting them sit back and cruise till end game hoping they dont get caught.

    Just my 2 cents. I can see where you all are coming from. Im still going to scattergun tho :P
  13. zorax ZX Doom

    I made a list a couple of pages back.
    All you've been doing is saying we need to look into them, but you havent actually done anything about it. Go ahead and read the list I made and make an accusation. Im awaiting it eagerly.
  14. brettman135 BR Hall

    Should probably be looking to move onto working out who we want to lynch now.
  15. zorax ZX Doom

    Idm a No Lynch for today give we have no solid leads.
  16. BoyBlunder BOY Blunder

    See i find this such a stark contrast to your d0 posts. Not that i necessarily disagree with you but random lynching now is a much better idea. Assuming wev not been led a merry dance by one of the clears wer roughly 1 in 3 of hitting mafia, and the odds of not hitting town go up for every 3p in the game.

    As for me picking somone. Im on away holiday so only have avcess via my phone which makes a detailed analysis difficult. But saying that i dont think its made my approach to this game any different to normal. Early game reads arent really my forte. Nonetheless ill see if i can find your post and see if anything jumps out
  17. zorax ZX Doom

    I only lynched Arheiner because I hated the way he was playing. I made that very clear. Escath made an accusation which I didnt take seriously till his roleclaim. Arheiner played terribly from that point on and wasted the entire day phase so I lynched him.

    Following on from that my strategy has been consistent. Even after discovering Phlegm I was scattergunning until Captain stated that it was pointless since no one will feel pressured to speak given that we all knee Phlegm was gonna be lynched.

    I didnt start this day saying no lynch, but as its drawing to a close I figure its too late to properly harass anyone, so no lynch is better than a random bandwagon lynch on someone like Cevno. All my accusations and leads have been ignored and no one is willing to put pressure on anyone else without concrete evidence (except N11 on NP10). I'm still copping flak for Arheiner so I'm sure as hell not leading a lynch again.
  18. zorax ZX Doom

    We actully have 15 hours to go, but I'm going to be unavailable for about 13 of those. So God speed gentlemen. I've voiced all my suspicions and analysed everyone's actions leading up to the Phlegm lynch. You guys want to lynch someone, then go for it.
  19. Harps ZAF MacDonald

    Should we lynch zorax for a laugh?
  20. Number 11 CJ Downes

    No we should lynch NP10.

    Lynch NP10

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