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Discussion in 'Entertainment Lounge' started by Steeley, Apr 8, 2009.

  1. Veez DJ Veza

    Nice! It took me so long to get my first Hat Trick.
  2. weldone RM Chowdhuri

    Going great on a slow, as usual:

    D. Japaniya 6-0-42-1, R. Karandikar 36 (43b), A. Dutt 55 (55b)

    End of over 20 (10 runs) - weldone XI(122-2) RR 6.10
  3. Hunter AD Hunt

    In battrick it took me about 4 seasons. In FTP it took 4 games. :laugh:
  4. Teacups CJ Evans


    Varaiya on A I'm guessing because he's a weaker bat so his loss won't be so expensive?

    What's your reasoning exactly?
  5. Skippos SM Morgan

    Duyn should be your quickest bat. Essentially, putting him on D brings him back to the pack a little, but still should be your quickest bat or at worst even.

    But what it's also doing is minimising the risk associated with him, so he can score at a decent rate for prolonged periods.

    Boyle's a liability at the moment, low power, tech > bat so he's set to be slow and get into ruts. Speeding him up a bit, essentially.
  6. Teacups CJ Evans

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    How the hell does weldone know my players? :lol:

    EDIT: Thanks Skippos. Will try it out and see how it goes. Boyle been pretty solid so far, usually scores fast for me. But yes, bridging the gap and then giving him power.
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  7. Skippos SM Morgan

    Could be a slow update or something?
  8. Skippos SM Morgan

  9. Teacups CJ Evans

    :lol: :lol:!!!!!!
  10. weldone RM Chowdhuri


    Generally, if there are no opener/seam specialist/spin specialist/finisher/BH/accumulator talents, I generally open with my best and 6th best or so batsman - and keep the lesser batsman on aggressive, and the best one on normal (let my best batsman play his natural game, in Ravi Shastri's cliched words :p ). If I'm playing with 5 batsmen, this 6th best might be the allrounder or the keeper in some cases.

    However, if one of my batsmen is opener/seam specialist, I definitely open with him. Also, if one among the two (best and 6th best) is spin specialist/accumulator/finisher, I don't open with him and pick another similar batsman in stead.

    In reality, among my batsmen in my current team one has opener talent, 1 finisher, 1 spin specialist and 2 boundary hitters. The opener is my 4th best batsman. So, I keep him on aggressive, and his partner is the best batsman among the rest (but definitely not the spin specialist or the finisher) on normal.

    That's the rough guideline I follow - but change strategies depending on situations.
  11. Raide KN Rask

    Almost forgot, this guy popped to accomplished fielding last week, should I move to training him in bowling now?

    Armaan Evans [​IMG][​IMG]

    20 years old | 32,402 rating | $3,004 wage | Right hand batsman | Right arm Wrist spin | Skilled (Technique)
    average experience | capable form | rested fatigue | reasonable captaincy
    <table class="data marg-top marg-bottom"><tbody><tr><th>Batting</th><td rel="ranks.htm?rankingNameParam=skills" class="skills">[​IMG]dreadful</td> <th>Endurance</th><td rel="ranks.htm?rankingNameParam=skills" class="skills">[​IMG]average</td> <th>Fielding</th><td rel="ranks.htm?rankingNameParam=skills" class="skills">[​IMG]accomplished</td></tr><tr><th>Bowling</th><td rel="ranks.htm?rankingNameParam=skills" class="skills">[​IMG]accomplished</td> <th>Technique</th><td rel="ranks.htm?rankingNameParam=skills" class="skills">[​IMG]reliable</td> <th>Training</th><td>Fielding</td></tr><tr><th>Keeping</th><td rel="ranks.htm?rankingNameParam=skills" class="skills">[​IMG]atrocious</td><th>Power</th><td rel="ranks.htm?rankingNameParam=skills" class="skills">[​IMG]poor</td></tr></tbody></table>

    Also my keeper-bat popper in batting while on keeper-bat training. What should I do from here?

    Calvin Moss [​IMG][​IMG]

    20 years old | 42,931 rating | $3,267 wage | Right hand batsman | Left arm Medium | Opener
    ordinary experience | capable form | rested fatigue | average captaincy
    <table class="data marg-top marg-bottom"><tbody><tr><th>Batting</th><td rel="ranks.htm?rankingNameParam=skills" class="skills">[​IMG]accomplished</td> <th>Endurance</th><td rel="ranks.htm?rankingNameParam=skills" class="skills">[​IMG]reliable</td> <th>Fielding</th><td rel="ranks.htm?rankingNameParam=skills" class="skills">[​IMG]reasonable</td></tr><tr><th>Bowling</th><td rel="ranks.htm?rankingNameParam=skills" class="skills">[​IMG]poor</td> <th>Technique</th><td rel="ranks.htm?rankingNameParam=skills" class="skills">[​IMG]reliable</td> <th>Training</th><td>Keeper-Batsman</td></tr><tr><th>Keeping</th><td rel="ranks.htm?rankingNameParam=skills" class="skills">[​IMG]reliable</td><th>Power</th><td rel="ranks.htm?rankingNameParam=skills" class="skills">[​IMG]reasonable</td><td colspan="2">
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  12. Skippos SM Morgan

    Seriously advise against opening with allrounder unless they're capable bat or below for fatigue reasons. especially if chasing.
  13. weldone RM Chowdhuri

    Probably because I didn't go to your club overview page, and went straight to your senior team page through the link you provided in your earlier post?
  14. Skippos SM Morgan

    Evans - move to bowl tech.

    Moss - keep on WKB. I've never taken a keeper off it before 25
  15. Teacups CJ Evans

    I thought that's what Skippos did and his name appeared :p

    Maybe he navigated manually
  16. Starris ER Starris

    bugger - lost my youth match... I outrated him but he had better bowlers and it was a green and he had 3 mediums two of which were better than my best bowler.

    oh well I still have the rest of the season to chase him down.
  17. weldone RM Chowdhuri

    In the match ratings 'Fielding/Keeping' number what fraction is contributed by the keeper and what fraction by the other 10 fielders - does anybody know?

    If not, then I might ask Ash.
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  18. Starris ER Starris

    Do you have a stalker tkp
  19. Mariner CL Warrington

    Super Mariners >> David Wilson >> Details
    Player Info
    28 years old | 51,846 rating | $14,180 wage
    Left hand batsman | Right arm Finger spin
    Talents Seam Specialist
    Nationality New Zealand
    Form reasonable
    Fatigue revived
    Experience accomplished
    Captaincy reliable
    Skills Summary
    Batsman spectacular
    Bowler dreadful
    Keeper dreadful
    Allrounder poor
    Batting exceptional Endurance expert
    Bowling atrocious Technique spectacular
    Keeping dreadful Power accomplished
    Fielding accomplished

    Started opening for me last season, and for the most part guns it. Averaged 52 last season.
  20. Teacups CJ Evans

    Aggro, normal or D?

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