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  1. Hughesy JM Hughes

    Starting this now because I have just found the 2011 squad according to the Panthers Facebook page. I guess it will be confirmed though in a few days when Panthers go back to training. Anyway here it is and there was one surprise while reading it.

    Adam Cuthbertson, Adrian Purtell, Arana Taumata, Brad Tighe, Brendon Gibb, Daine Laurie, David Simmons, Dayne Weston, Everett Vaurasi, Frank Puletua, Greg Waddell, Harry Seijka, Junior Paulo, Joseph Paulo, Kevin Kingston, Lachlan Coote, Luke Lewis, Luke Walsh, Masada Iosefa, Matthew Bell, Michael Gordon, Michael Jennings, Nafe Seluini, Nathan Smith, Nigel Plum, Petero Civoniceva, Ryan Walker, Sam McKendry, Sandor Earl, Shane Elford, S.Wakeman, Travis Burns, Trent Waterhouse, Tim Grant, Tim Winitana, Yilleen Gordon

    Adam Cuthbertson signing on is great for us and I am really happy about it. I am expecting Carl Jennings to do wonders for him just like he did for McKendry.
    Yileen Gordon is a touch and go call, he might be alright but I don't think he is all that good and I can see him playing for Windsor instead same deal with Tim Winitana, I don't rate him.
    Wakeman is apparently a front rower from the Dragons NYC but I know nothing about him. Any of you know anything about him? Colesy etc?

    It is gun though that Vaurusi has been promoted as has Seijka and that Waddell is sticking around. Also pretty good to see Ryan Walker in the NRL squad rather than the Windsor one!
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  2. Gazza GJ Weaver

    Heard Vatuvei was staying with the Warriors
  3. jazman84 JM Eightyfour

    Get him on the treadmill and he'll be a good signing.
  4. Hughesy JM Hughes

    Everett Vaurusi... he is from the NYC side and played for the Junior Kangagaroos.

    Yeah agreed. He will probably be one of the favourites for the other second row spot next year. It will probably come down to Smith, Gordon, Cuthbertson and Paulo. Having Petero around during the off-season will do him a world of good.
  5. Fungus K Fung

    Who are they?
  6. Hughesy JM Hughes

    :laughing: I'm am not sure.
  7. Gazza GJ Weaver

    Mannering should step it up this year
  8. Hughesy JM Hughes

    I understand what you are doing now,.
  9. Hunter AD Hunt

    Massively tripped out with this. I read it as "Heard Vaurusi was staying with the Wolves" then saw Hughesy's quote with reading it as Vatuvei and Warriors.
  10. Wilson SB Wilson

    Cuthbertson is utterly useless.
  11. SM MD Dorn

    Yea AWTA.

    Was okay at Manly, but so shit at Sharkies. Packed it on too
  12. Hughesy JM Hughes

    At the Sharks but so was David Simmons. I was unwilling to give Simmons a chance when he came last year but the games he did play were very impressive and he was really good at the Wolves all year. I am happy to give him a chance.

    I read it as "heard Vaurusi was staying at the Warriors" so it didn't freak me out. I just laughed at Gazza until I understood what he was implying :p.
  13. Hunter AD Hunt

    Thing was I read his as Vaurusi Wolves, then your quote as Vatuvei Warriors, then went back up to his and saw Vaurusi Wolves then it suddenly changed to Vatuvei Warriors. Massive amounts of trip out :p
  14. Hughesy JM Hughes

    :laugh: undersood :p. He is so ****ing gun. Would love to see both him and Seijka get a debut during next season at some stage. I can see him being very similar to McKendry this season. Would love a front row rotation of (if trials say so):
    8. Grant
    9. Kingston
    10. Civoniceva
    14. Iosefa/Seluini
    15. McKendry
    16. Vaurusi/Bell
  15. Lukic L Popovic

    I think gun :p debut Penrith haha lol Cuthbertson Carl Jennings Walker Simmons Sharks Knights :laughing: Wolves lol
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  16. Hughesy JM Hughes

    **** off Lukic.
  17. Hunter AD Hunt

    In reality Fatbertson and Coonrie will be there.
  18. Hughesy JM Hughes

    I can live with that though as long as it is within reason and form suggests it is alright. I just have a feeling Bell will be spending some time at Windsor.
  19. Hunter AD Hunt

    I'm actually going to agree here. His trolls are usually slightly amusing. That one was just all sorts of fail.
  20. Julian BJ Taylor

    There's a lot of signings there...

    Cuthbertson, Taumata, Winitana, Weston.

    Mostly reserve graders.

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