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  1. Fiery GR Smith

    [h=3]Round 1[/h][h=2]Fixtures[/h][h=3]Friday 26 February[/h]<dl class="matches"><dt class="match clearfix prematch">06:35[​IMG]Blues v.
    Match pageHighlanders [​IMG] </dt><dd class="clearfix hidden">

    </dd><dt class="match clearfix prematch">08:40[​IMG]Brumbies v.
    Match pageHurricanes [​IMG] </dt><dd class="clearfix hidden">

    </dd><dt class="match clearfix prematch">17:00[​IMG]Cheetahs v.
    Match pageJaguares [​IMG] </dt><dd class="clearfix hidden">

    </dd></dl>[h=3]Saturday 27 February[/h]<dl class="matches"><dt class="match clearfix prematch">04:15[​IMG]Sunwolves v.
    Match pageLions [​IMG] </dt><dd class="clearfix hidden">

    </dd><dt class="match clearfix prematch">06:35[​IMG]Crusaders v.
    Match pageChiefs [​IMG] </dt><dd class="clearfix hidden">

    </dd><dt class="match clearfix prematch">08:40[​IMG]Waratahs v.
    Match pageReds [​IMG] </dt><dd class="clearfix hidden">

    </dd><dt class="match clearfix prematch">10:50[​IMG]Force v.
    Match pageRebels [​IMG] </dt><dd class="clearfix hidden">

    </dd><dt class="match clearfix prematch">13:00[​IMG]Kings v.
    Match pageSharks [​IMG] </dt><dd class="clearfix hidden">

    </dd><dt class="match clearfix prematch">15:05[​IMG]Stormers v.
    Match pageBulls [​IMG] </dt></dl>
  2. Julian BJ Taylor

  3. SmellyStuff MP Chung

    Struggling to care about Super rugby anymore tbh. The new format is ridiculous.
  4. Rego RS Hutchinson

    I support my team not the format.

    Anyone ditching support all together ain't true fans, ain't our team's fault.

    Adding the 3 teams was unwise, needed to be done more gradually and it's a fucking joke how the best teams may still miss out on play off spots to other teams that just get an auto spot. The way I see it, the fairest way is everyone plays everyone once, then top 6 or 8 qualify for play offs. Logistically couldn't happen though.

    The one thing that I do like is teams being able to take the lineout option from a penalty after time's up.

    Will give my thoughts on the teams when I have time.

    Up the Canes!!!!
  5. SmellyStuff MP Chung

    Where did I say I stopped supporting my team? And as a Blues fan, I've had to put up with just as much shit, if not more as you have as a Hurricanes man.
  6. Rego RS Hutchinson

    Oh I wasn't singling you out as a non fan, just a general statement. Getting sick of people going on about how they're not gonna watch it etc. but will be the first to steal tickets off true fans come play off time.

    Haha dunno, at least the Blues have had some success in their past albeit quite awhile back now ;) it's tough being a Welly and Canes supporter but they always have my full support.
  7. Droos JP Rhodes

    Blues looking good in preseason. They need a rebound season tbh, they have been woeful for a couple in a row now.
  8. Rego RS Hutchinson

    Blues typically do well in preseason though, doesn't mean shit but I do believe they could be the red herring team. Really hard to know what to expect from them.
  9. Droos JP Rhodes

    Ranger's return ought to be a pretty good boost for them.

    I have always liked the Blues as my fav Kiwi side.
  10. SmellyStuff MP Chung

    Until the Blues start winning during the real season, my expectations are still nil.
  11. Julian BJ Taylor

    Will any of the Aussie teams compete this year?
  12. Fiery GR Smith

    Probably not.

  13. Rego RS Hutchinson

    Chiefs injury toll and missing SBW and Messam hurts them big IMO.
  14. Rego RS Hutchinson

    Canes up 60-7 atm against the Saders in their last pre season match. I really do think the Saders will be relatively weak this year, if not the weakest NZ team.
  15. Rego RS Hutchinson

    74-7 now :laugh: Saders have been royally fucked in the ass
  16. Rego RS Hutchinson

    This was what I sent to Fiery like a week ago about my opinion on the NZ squads:

    ‚ÄčTaking out my Canes bias I'd have said the Chiefs were looking the best on paper out of the NZ teams, however all their injuries are stacking up now (Nepo and Bird the most notable injured for the whole season) so I'd definitely say the Canes have the best squad on paper. Our only iffy area is the centres. Hope Laumape fires, seems like he'll be slotting in at 12 and Proctor at 13 (who is a better winger so hopefully can get the hang of the centre role - had a season there with Welly now). Before Ardie leaves we definitely have the best loose forward trio in the comp and logically the best back 3 in the comp.

    Can't see the Landers doing quite as well as last year, Buckman's now out for the season which is a bit of a blow, Manu and Hardie leaving is big too. Their pack looked really shit against Racing Metro - attack only gets you so far, they need to up their D or they're fucked.

    Crusaders are looking really weak, probably the weakest they've ever been.

    Blues could be the wildcard in the lot, lots of potential and youth there so who knows what they could produce, could be a bit of a red herring.

    Outside of NZ the Argentina side is looking bloody good. The SA teams never playing all the NZ teams is BS and the fact 1 is guaranteed a play off spot is also fucked, the structure of the comp needs to be amended next year for sure.
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  17. Droos JP Rhodes

    Both the Tahs and Brumbies will be up there I reckon.

    Of the Saffer sides the Stormers look the strongest. Quality all over the pitch.
  18. Droos JP Rhodes

    Looking through the team sheets for the weekend, here is what I think going into the season:

    Kiwi teams:
    - The Chiefs are not looking as good as last season, but still poses class in certain positions. They however seem to lack that immense power they had last season. I am not convinced on paper that they will be title contenders at the end should the team remain as is - should they get a boost with the return of SBW from the sevens (if he is still contracted), they might however come back into contention. I predict a win in week 1 vs the Crusaders.
    - The Crusaders are looking really bad; for me probably the weakest of the NZ teams. Not a contender. Will lose in week 1 vs Chiefs.
    - The Hurricanes have an untested midfield which might prove to be detrimental for them in getting that immensely talented back 3 released, but if the midfield copes, they should be fine. Still being lead by a strong pack and a quality loose trio. Must be seen as a contender.
    - The Blues are looking really good to me on paper going into week 1. Whilst we know not to get excited by good preseasons, they have come through theirs unbeaten. They possess potent attacking power in the back with a solid pack to provide them with ball. If they continue like they played in the preseason, they will be in the race at the end. A tough game in week 1 where I favour the Highlanders to pip them.
    - The Highlanders for me remain the pick of the lot for the season when looking at the team sheet for week 1. The player base hasn't changed significantly and if they manage to keep the chemistry they possessed last season, they are surely the NZ team to beat. Surely have to be seen as contenders come the business end. I predict a very tightly contested win for them in week 1.

    - The Reds are being moved to the recycle bin with the Force. Both will struggle to hold their own and will only cause the very odd upset if they win. A loss for the Reds in week 1, but a possible home win for Force vs the Rebels, but only because of HGA.
    - The Rebels will definitely cause a few upsets going along the season, but they are not serious contenders. They ought to end mid pack above the Force and Reds. I officially predicted a very narrow loss for them in week 1 vs the Force, although I am already regretting that after seeing the team sheets.
    - The Waratahs start without Bernard Foley who will be out for quite a while, but Beale should cope just fine. They again look really strong on paper and should be a contender at the end. I predict an easy win for them in round 1 vs the Reds.
    - The Brumbies are arguably the pick of the Aussies by a small margin over the Tahs. They kept their core squad and will look to build on a good run last season. Definite title contenders. I predict a win for them in week 1 vs the Hurricanes at home, which should give them a good boost going into the season.

    - The Kings and Cheetahs will both struggle. The Kings will be happy with a singular win for the season I think. The Cheetahs have an average backline with an even more average pack, so they will also struggle. I predict losses for both in week 1.
    - The Bulls have suffered a mass exodus of players, but still managed to put a decent enough squad together on paper. The pack is decent enough to be able to contend, and the back should hold their own with a proven centre pairing and flyhalf. They are very young though and the pressure might get to them in crunch matches. Not contenders, but will still be hard to beat at home. A loss for them in week 1 vs the Stormers.
    - The Lions will continue to surprise as they did last season with good continuity in their squad after losing almost none of their core group from last season. I don't think they will contend for the title just yet though, but they will be good at home and get some wins on the road. A win in week 1 vs the Sunwolves in Japan.
    - The Sharks disappointed last season, and I pre-empt that they will do so again. They have a mammoth pack with the acquisition of Coenie Oosthuizen and several other loaned players now on permanent contracts, but have also lost the likes of Bismarck and Francois Steyn. The addition of attacking machine Willie Le Roux might be the catalyst that they lacked, but we will have to wait and see. They will be tough to beat as always and I rate them top half of the teams, but not serious contenders. Predicting a week 1 win vs the Kings in PE.
    - The Stormers are the only real hope of the Saffers sides to have representation in the knock outs. Their packs is star studded and so is their back line, except for lack of a brand name fly half. This might prove crucial for them as they need a pivot who can get the rest of the backs going, and I am apprehensive about the quality they possess there. Still, they ought to be contenders if only on the brute strength of their pack alone. A win in week 1 vs the Bulls at home.

    - The Jaguares might be the surprise package this year. I don't foresee them to be whipping boys, but the travelling might be a big factor for them as they have no other "home" teams to play, they are almost always abroad. Defo not contenders, but they will win some games. I predict a boosting win in week 1 vs the Cheetahs.
    - The Sunwolves will suck. The end.
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  19. Fiery GR Smith

    Nice one [MENTION=4329]Droos[/MENTION]. :thumbsup: Some interesting previews there.

    Will follow this a bit more closely this season.
  20. Northern_Knight MW Scoble

    Lats time chiefs changed so much they won 2 titles on the trot........just saying. Up the Chiefs. :)

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