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  1. cpr CP Raftery

    Ighalo was very unlucky with one of his chances last night, had de Gea beaten all ends up, but one can't help but think he spurned a few more - had a very good chance to cross to Deeney in the 6 yard box but took the shot from a tight angle. His best chance was the one he turned and hit first time, suggesting to me he's a striker that plays better on instinct rather than picking chances (which sorta goes hand in hand with an out and out striker rather than one who plays a bit deeper). I can understand the reservations about him moving to someone like Arsenal who expect more from their attackers. However somewhere like Chelsea as a backup to Costa is more feasible (there's no way he'd expect first team football regularly, but many a striker has made that move knowing he won't get past Drogba/Costa/the fearsome Torres or Shevchenko....). There's times as a Utd fan I've longed for an attacker to actually stay in the box, rather than fuck off to left wing back like Rooney usually does as part of his desire to cover every blade of grass. However he's done himself no favours last night, as that was not an audition a top class club would value.
  2. mouse MJ Edwards

  3. Riddy JH Ridd

    How many chances did he waste today?
  4. mouse MJ Edwards

    Surely it wont be long until he's dropped for Oulare?
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  5. Fiery GR Smith

  6. mouse MJ Edwards

    Manchester United and Arsenal are in the running to sign Watford striker Odion Ighalo at the end of the season, according the Sunday People.
    Louis van Gaal’s side are reportedly the front-runners and will move ahead with a bid for the Nigerian regardless of who their manager is next season.

    Done deal then....
  7. Fiery GR Smith

    Tiny club Man U eh? So now all the giant clubs have shown interest in him.

    Oh that's right, someone must have just made it up, even though it's being reported in every newspaper.

    I bet you still think the Metro is a tabloid lol

    All you're doing is making a fool of yourself with that post mouse but too stupid to realise it. I have never once suggested any move was a "done deal".
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  8. mouse MJ Edwards

    Hahahahahah you're such an idiot
  9. Fiery GR Smith

    You're the idiot buddy. Deadset moron. Too stupid to realise you're in the wrong.

    You've spent the whole time in this thread mocking something that's blatantly obvious. That Ighalo is an attractive prospect for bigger clubs.
  10. mouse MJ Edwards

    According to rumours....

    I'm sure all top sides would want a striker whos scored 1 in 10
  11. Fiery GR Smith

    They want a striker with such obvious ability, pace and power who has scored 15 PL goals already and will score plenty more.
  12. mouse MJ Edwards

    I'm not sure many clubs will want Zaki II
  13. Fiery GR Smith

    So apparently prospective Man U coach Mourinho is a big fan of Ighalo but United plan to sign him whether or not the Portuguese coach is in charge.

  14. mouse MJ Edwards

    Yeah, Man Utd will sign Ighalo especially after spending so much on Martial last summer and Rooney still being their main striker and captain....
  15. cpr CP Raftery

    Funniest part of that is Mourinho as prospective Utd coach. There's no way he'll be coming despite the media trying to push him into the job - his brand of management is not wanted by the hierarchy. As much as people have van Gaal, he's doing what the board want - bringing through young players with the eye on making a great team 5 years down the line. The board wont switch short term success for the long term vision
  16. cpr CP Raftery

    We are still light up front though. Memphis isn't trusted to play up front, and is long term seen as the wing prospect. The depth up front isn't great - Whilst Rashford/Wilson/Keane are young prospects, there's certainly a feeling amongst fans that we do need another striker. We've always had a good rotation depth up front (Rooney/Berbatov/Tevez, Cole/Yorke/Ole/Teddy, Rooney/RVP/Hernandez). Going with just 2 internationals (one so young too) is a little uncomfortable for many.

    I've not really paid enough attention to Ighalo when he was on form to be truthful, and his performance against us was... interesting - found himself in good positions, bit unlucky not to get one, but was rather wasteful. From that appearance alone I couldn't see it happening, but then we have taken punts on mid table teams strikers before (Yorke, Saha) if we felt they offered something different - Ighalo looks to play further up than Rooney does, so its not totally impossible.
  17. mouse MJ Edwards

    I wouldn't mind Utd spending £20m plus on a 3rd choice striker.
  18. Fiery GR Smith

    He probably needs to score a few goals now or all the interest might dry up completely.
  19. Riddy JH Ridd

    thought it was a done deal? Arsenal shop were selling Ighalo 9 shirts....
  20. Fiery GR Smith

    I never once said it was a done deal. That's just something you and [MENTION=1303]mouse[/MENTION] like saying I said...rather mendaciously

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