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    1. Incey
      How decent back(s) we talking for Thaiday?
    2. Cribbage
      Should've got picked in CPL.
    3. Cribbage
      Waller's dad is the coach, so maybe he's just being really hard on him. But even so, there are another 20 or so players who should be in ahead of Maruma anwyay.
    4. Cribbage
      No-one knows why Maruma ever gets picked. The current selectors obviously just think he's a good batsman for some reason. Back when he was actually bowling leggies and taking millions of wickets in domestic cricket they ignored him, then he gave up bowling, started batting higher but didn't score any runs doing it and was suddenly a regular in the squad. It's the weirdest situation.
    5. Cribbage
      Haha I was only telling my friend today at the pub that as long as Daley stays coach, Wighton playing five-eighth should help his chance of Origin selection for that exact reason. I'm sure it won't actually hurt anyway. Daley's a big fan of Wighton and I'm sure he'd empathise with his situation - probably had cunts all the time during Daley's playing career say he shouldn't be picked at centre in Origin if he was playing five-eighth at club level and I bet it shit him to tears.

      But yeah I definitely don't want Morris picked. Jennings has improved a lot but Morris can definitely go and get fucked. I'd pick Idris or Wighton ahead of him any deal of the week; I'd also move Hayne to centre and play Stewart at fullback before I played Morris again. I'll never forget the Dugan/Morris combination of derp in those backline movements.
    6. Athlai
      You still have to make your pick bud
    7. Athlai
      You are up soon, just getting Hunter's pick
    8. Frizzed
      Have you heard the rumour of Shillington going to Newcastle ?
    9. Athlai
      He is still on isn't he?
    10. Athlai
      Be ready for your pick, sounds like Mariner is ready to do his straight after Speirz
    11. Tartmaster
      Yeah no worries man
    12. Gazza
      you're up mate
    13. Hunter
      You're up.
    14. Tartmaster
      Hey bro
      I'm looking at booking hotels and shit for Okkervil.
      Thoughts on splitting a hotel?
      Looking like 100-150ish for the night
    15. Baxter
      Gunnest avatar
    16. Cribbage
      Yeah indeed, polish off a bottle at least once a week. I don't know if it's just in my head or not but I definitely think they lose most of their flavour if you don't drink the whole bottle in one sitting, even just to the next day, so I tend to wait until I'm having something really rich for dinner during the week and have a couple of glasses before, one during and one after so I can finish off the lot. I'm big on the Cab Savs.
    17. Sultan Pepper
      Sultan Pepper
      Paea for Low?
    18. Incey
      Brett 'Knockout King' White for Gerald Beale
    19. Benny
      ant mitchell and dane tilse for loini paea and Gerard Beale?
    20. Cribbage
      Yeah he's always looked good to me even when he hasn't scored many. I was really disappointed that he didn't basically do what he's done for NSW when he played for Victoria, but much better us than them really. South Australia should be absolutely throwing the chequebook at him for next season; imagine how good their side would look with him batting 6 and keeping wicket right now.
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