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    1. Paddy
      Can't argue with any of that. On their tackling I think they also need to improve their line speed, and actually start putting pressure on with their defence getting off their line instead of their very lazy sit back and wait for the attack to come to them. I can't count the amount of times teams easily made it out of their own end against the Cowboys.
    2. Paddy
      Honest opinion, how do you rate the Cows chances next year??
    3. Fiery
      "Maroon_Faithful has not made any friends yet"
    4. GYR
      Haha yeah as I said it is certainly different in terms of a non conventional storyline, if there even is one. In saying that though, they all sort of link together at the end to make sense. They are mainly just pieces of the puzzle that all play a part in what happens.

      I wanted to know what you thought of the last scene of the movie. I feel like the ending is great but then there is a scene that just pissed me off.
    5. GYR
      What did you find unbelievable? That cops act that way or that a place can be as fucked up as what they portray LA to be?
    6. GYR
      Did you end up watching the rest of End of Watch?
    7. Jager
      Loving the politics :wub:
    8. Paddy
      Trolling is fun. Had some cunt NSW fan on facebook ask me what is one of my favourite sporting fails. I said everytime your team takes the field in Origin. Him and 3 others blocked and deleted me. lol
    9. Wilson
      What's Newsroom?
    10. Wilson
      I dunno if you ever got on to watching White Collar or not, but I sincerly hope for your sake you did.

      Anyhoo, theres another show I just started that I think would be right up your alley. Definitely think ya should give it a bash.
    11. Paddy
      I swear these refs get worse each year. I wont argue the shitness the Cowboys showed tonight but fair dinkum I thought Taufua not only knocked on but a double movement and Foran one speaks for itself lol
    12. Old Mate
      Old Mate
      Need to check the 9/11 thread ASAP. First page.
    13. Julian
      Oi what order are the finals played in in week one?
    14. Paddy
      Ill add to it and say another who has been pissing me off lately is Ashton Sims. The cunt does some good things but gives away stupid penalties and makes dumb errors.
    15. Paddy
      I know you didn't say he hasn't. I agree with your sentiments, he is barely if even at all FG standard.
      I still can't believe he was talked up for Origin.
    16. Maroon_Faithful
      Agreed. And to be fair, I don't say he hasn't improved. He certainly has. But he has an entire career of unsatisfactory play to make up for. He's still barely an average FGer afaic. Certainly shouldn't be talked about with regard to Origin.
    17. Paddy
      The way I look at it is he has not been great, just doing the job somewhat of what he is there to do. I think having Tate on that side of the field probably hides Grahams flaws a bit especially defensively.
    18. Paddy
      lol If you think the media is bad regarding Ash, he is their lovechild on Stampede. :laugh:
    19. Paddy
      I agree with your criticisms about the Cows defence. I just wanted to point something out about their attack. Just seems that they have such shit reading of match situations. Several times in the Manly game and even the Dogs game there was holes in the defence they easily could have exploited but they went the other side of the field with their attack. They are also very poor when it comes to using their good hole runners like Bolton and Gavin Cooper, Thurston and Bowen don't seem to engage the defence by taking it to the line or even taking on the defenders. Those and handling errors and bad kicking game seem to me to be why they can't score many points let alone enough to win a title.
    20. Cribbage
      I interpreted it as a joke. If you're suggesting it wasn't a joke then I'll happily give you an infraction instead. :p
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