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    1. Captain
      There's a casino in resorts world sentosa ftr. From RWS to the CBD would be ~20mins by cab but 30-60mins by public transport depending on the queue for the bus/train in Sentosa itself.

      You've been here before right? What are you planning to see?
    2. Hughesy
      :( You might get interested if you give it a go? Heef said the same thing when he joined us, now he's the most active and one of the best in the sim... and doesn't play for me
    3. Hughesy
      Have you heard from Rocks?

    4. Himannv
      I've never actually taken that route so I can't say for sure. You're definitely right about the road though. Perhaps it'll be an hour more than what Google predicted.
    5. Teacups
      No worries, enjoy it and let me know about the trip when you're back!
    6. Teacups
      There is this but I'm afraid it ends in April. :(

      Not sure about anything else. Might be worth asking Himann.
    7. Teacups
      Sounds gun as mate. I really rate Sigiriya, you'd love it. You'll really enjoy the Hikkaduwa beaches too. The Knuckles mountain range is absolutely gorgeous and you might want to consider it since you are going to Kandy.

      Sinharaja rainforest, Wasgamuwa national park (mainly see elephants but see plenty of other wildlife), Horton Plains (World's end) are also pretty amazing.

      I actually live in Canada and rarely ever get to go to Sri Lanka. I'll try to be going there sometime in July or something though.

      Hope you have a good one!
    8. Teacups
      Whereabouts in Sri Lanka are you going?
    9. Jager
      Nino WAFC.

      SP, the Bulls are keen to have you on board. If you're keen to join, as an NBA-style franchise player for the future premiers of AFL Sim, you'll be sure to fill stadiums just like when you appear for the Nippers.

      From one member of the Crabs brotherhood and as junior assistant helper at the Catfish, I'd like to extend an offer to you to join the Bulls.
    10. El Nino
      El Nino
      Dear Mr Emm,

      Your 'Go Bears' comment both intrigued and extremely excited the hierarchy at the Bears, and seems to have sent several media outlets into disarray, with constant contact being made for comment from our media department.

      We would like to formally invite you to our headquarters in the Woods to offer you the final spot in our playing 20, we could perhaps meet in our 'n00ds' thread in the Bears Subforum.

      Look forward to a reply

      Yours Faithfully,
      The Bears
    11. El Nino
      El Nino
      I feel you have a lot to add a lot to AFL Sim, Peter Bell esque through the midfield blasting into the Half Forward line, Plus the Bears subforum awaits you
    12. Jager
      Would you been keen to sign up for the Aussie Rules Sim?
    13. HeathDavisSpeed
      Would be keen for that if I had more time, but I think we'll be driving down to Canberra on a Friday night for the AFL on the Saturday then back up to Sydney for NRL on the Sunday so it'll all be a bit packed to go out of the way, sadly.
    14. HeathDavisSpeed
      Heading to Sydney in April for a cricket tour - was looking for some digs, but that's probably a bit far out of the way, really, even though we're heading down to Canberra to watch some AFL at some point.
    15. HeathDavisSpeed
      Hey mate - where's your hotel?
    16. Frizzed
      What a shit go that is.
    17. Frizzed
      Since you're in the biz, what's the deal with smoking in hotel rooms ?
    18. Benny
      Sevens draaft
    19. Skippos
      I'm such a cunt. Just saying.
    20. Frizzed
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