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    1. Skippos
      Sorry, I wasn't. Missed me by about 30.

      It wouldn't be. St Kilda are in for a shocking season and they're playing a new team with a lot of improvement. I wouldn't touch that game full stop, really. Richmond v WB - I would have thought richmond would have only been ~1.45 anyway before checking the odds. Both risky options.
    2. Howe
      1. They used to use PMs but for a while now we've used www.quicktopic.com, which seems almost designed for the purpose

      2. At night, most players will have a role that requires them to "visit" another player - e.g. to kill or to investigate them. Some players will be able to see other people's visits and so it creates one of the most common lines of inquiry.
    3. Howe
      Nah you should post in the thread if you don't get anything - people won't bullshit you as they'll get called out and it'll look suspicious.

      If anything Cribb, if not playing, is vastly more likely to troll you about it than someone who is
    4. Howe
      Also that guide makes it sound really boring :p. most of the advice there is pretty questionable too.
    5. Howe
      Any explanation of mafia makes it sound it more complicated than it really is, IMO. Especially considering the way we play, which is mostly based around working out what's been changed.
    6. Howe
      We've been playing for so long now that I imagine one of those threads would appear to be almost all jargon to a newbie. If you joined a game people would be happy to explain what's going on, though.

      Or if you just want me to explain everything then I can do that I guess :p
    7. Jager
      Yeah, I thought the same about you to be honest :laugh:

      If you're ever bitten by the bug and want to write again, you should definitely go for it. Would love to read some of your writing.

      Admittedly, law school's a pretty decent trade off though...
    8. Jager
      Of course you're not, it's actually my first article on my new blog - it's an AFL article actually, I suppose footy, cricket and F1 are the only things I'd really be able to write about.

      If you want to have a look, here - http://sportsreligious.wordpress.com/2013/04/06/the-jack-watts-problem/

      If you have any feedback I'd be happy to hear your criticism.
    9. Captain
      Never actually bet on T20s before, to me it just seems like there are too many factors that involve luck. What may seem like something minor passage of play in a Test could mean a massive difference in a T20.
    10. Baxter
      HB my man xo
    11. Benny
      Hey buddy not trying to be a lurker but i saw you might be trying to find gun tv series you should check out a series called 'the wire' might not be ur cup of tea but i think its excellent anyway breaking bad is great also which js why i vmed lol
    12. Howe
      That all applies to the first season of Heroes, btw. The second season was cut short during development and the creator actually apologised for it. After that it was written by completely different people and it became random and nonsensical. So yeah, just the first 24 episodes works really well as a standalone show.
    13. Howe
      Yeah I've seen all of Breaking Bad. I don't like it quite as much as most it seems but it's no doubt a good show. I think if I couldn't watch half a dozen episodes at a time (I only started watching this year) then I wouldn't have liked it as it's very slow-moving. It's not a realistic drama either, it's loaded with symbolism which can make you look very clever talking about it over dinner but it's not something that I tend to enjoy while watching.

      BB is very much a character piece whereas Heroes is extremely plot driven. Why I considered it as in the same boat as GoT. Interesting premise, loads of characters, tons and tons of plot. Heroes isn't as clever as it likes to think allegorically, which can grate at times, but it's got such a good multi-threaded story that I got hooked on it.
    14. Howe
      Remembered I mentioned Heroes to you a few weeks ago. It came on the tellybox today and I had another watch. Have you seen it?
    15. Speirz
      Well that's a random approach.
    16. Uppercut
      Yeah the marginal gain from a better bowler is generally a lot more than from a better batsman, I think. Ed Smith talks a bit about that in one of his books.

      It was fucking controversial on CW though. Honestbharani especially found the idea that batting=/bowler and batsmen=/bowlers infuriatingly offensive, for some reason.
    17. hedger
      Yeah, by all means. I hardly ever actually talk to anyone about things that are remotely legal, since most of my friends aren't interested in it or study some part of law I have no idea about.

      I always quite enjoyed company law when I did it, though that was a few years ago now. Definitely an interesting area for sure. I also did a fair bit of international trade law when I studied media law last year, but I hated it unfortunately!
    18. hedger
      Fair one, hope it's all going well in any case. I'm sure you'll have no trouble accomplishing whatever it is you're setting out to achieve.

      There were quite a lot of Indian guys on my LLM, and a couple of them were really top chaps. As far as I can tell they had a good time studying here haha. If you do make it across or start to seriously look at UK-based options then give me a shout and I'd be happy to give input etc...

      What sort of areas of law interest you, out of interest?
    19. hedger
      Lad, how are the studies going? Did any more come of you wanting to study abroad? I remember we spoke about it a while back, but don't think we've really chatted since.
    20. Uppercut
      Yeah I think that's true. Forwards generally are the toughest to replace- no one can fill in for Messi and do a passable job the way a substitute keeper can.

      Also it's very difficult to measure how good a keeper is. Saves that look spectacular might have been routine if the keeper's positioning had been better. You're also looking for one that commits the fewest errors, but errors are generally rare so there's always a sample size problem. Then there's a really important organisational/influence element that's impossible to measure. You get huge disparities between fan opinions of keepers, and some great managers- Wenger, Ferguson- are notoriously terrible at picking a good keeper.
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