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  1. morgieb MC Burridge

    With Tests though that was three years ago. I'm more referring to his ODI slump where he was averaging like 25-30 in his last couple of years.

    In his prime he was still definitely a quality player by this standard, dunno why you wouldn't argue that.
  2. morgieb MC Burridge


    It probably shows that I have a fair bit of grammatical knowledge to come up with lesser known phrases, but don't really have enough to stop me from saying the same four or five. It's like I'm Bruce McAvaney here.

    But thank you all for the well wishes anyway!
  3. morgieb MC Burridge

    Only problem is that CPL might well have started by that point, it's less fun when you're making picks based on a bit more knowledge.
  4. morgieb MC Burridge

    Yeah, feel free.
  5. MrPrez CM Dyer

    Well as I said he averaged 32 in his final 3 ODI years so hardly horrific. Particularly at this point of the draft.

    He was generally a scapegoat that people wanted to be dropped way before he did in Test cricket - the average SA fan certainly wouldn't call him a quality Test player (even though I think he's underrated).
  6. Phlegm SP Phlegm

    nofal is a norounder, but he seems an effective one.
  7. Cribbage RG Cribb

    Norounders at this stage of the draft will typically be extremely important members of your Second XI team but pretty useless in replacing injured/out of form First XI players.

    Keep in mind that "typically" =/= "always". There are some vaguely useful ones even now. But as a general rule, if you wanted allrounders (which I think are seperate from "batsmen who can bowl a bit" and "bowlers who can bat 8") you probably should've picked them earlier.
  8. Phlegm SP Phlegm

    nofal will only play as the second spinner if someone tries to dustbowl me or if ajaz is injured. if he guns it with the bat in seconds and i have a hole to fill maybe i'll reassess.
  9. Captain SSD Dong

    Yeah it's hard enough to find meh specialists at this stage. That said I will be picking an AR with my next pick.
  10. Howe JHF Howe

    aka ‘why does Rikki Clarke have only two tests’
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  11. Magrat Garlick M Garlick

    alas, poor Morgie. I knew him, Cribbage, a fellow of infinite jest
  12. Baxter MJ Deane

    This but seriously.
  13. Baxter MJ Deane

    Well half of those people’s pairs would be Mukund/Weatherald. Then whoever else they pick in R17.
    Compare Dev’s two picks from his actual draft spot.
  14. Athlai JJD Heads

    best pick: jp duminy
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  15. DVMace09 Member

    Round 17

    1. Athlai - Mitchell Santner (502714)
    There's not many other regular Test players getting picked up as late as Santner. Even then it's still a risk, his batting has been wanting apart from that England ton, and his bowling hasn't been incisive. Not going to be saved by his ND numbers (very similar to Test) or ODI bowling (good economy, not good wicket-taking) numbers. Likely to be pretty toothless and a bit of a no-rounder.

    2. Number 11 - Jomel Warrican (432214)
    Some impressive WICB 4-Day stats especially in 2017-18 but how far will the sim standardize up a Caribbean spinner? Did okay against Bangladesh and SL but otherwise not much to write home about in Tests. Ridiculous numbers against the England Lions a couple of years back though. Solid is probably the best to hope for here.

    3. MrPrez - Mohammad Asif (41411)
    Could be a possible bolter. No cricket between Aug 2010 and Oct 2016, nothing since Nov 2018, but in between those two dates he took 81 at 16.57 between those two dates. 2017-18 he took 44 poles at sub-14, though so did Mir Hamza, Sohail Khan and Aziaz Cheema. How harsh the sim treats 18mths of no cricket could be the deciding factor in whether this is a good pick.

    4. Benny - David Miller (321777)
    Probably not a bad call. His last few seasons of First Class were pretty solid, and #EoinMorganTheory is likely to scale him up a bit. Should do fine.

    5. Cabinet96 - Ben Sanderson (297482)
    A good Div 2 record, so purely a matter of how the sim scales him. There were safer quick bowling options, but the upside is high especially on green decks.

    6. Alex - Boyd Rankin (24599)
    A good pick, stolen from under my nose. 4-90ish in that Lord's Test and a good recent record in ODIs vs Test teams. A lot less county cricket traded in for Irish domestix in recent years is the only dampener here. A good player to pick up in R17.

    7. Baxter - Asela Gunaratne (360456)
    Not a lot of FC cricket in recent years. Test numbers may be a mixed blessing - averaged 87.5 against Zimbabwe, 26.25 against Bangladesh, didn't bat against India. Probably not going to be spectacular. But it's not a shit pick for R17.

    8. Hunter - Kevin O'Brien (24605)
    Second Irishman of the round. Good long-term record, done well in Tests so far with the bat, but his bowling has all but vanished in recent years and his ODI record of late isn't going to give him much of a boost. I hope he does well though, we all love a bit of KOB.

    9. Howe and Dan - Bahir Shah (976571)
    Literally a garbage pick. Dan, talk all you want about picking the guy that smashes the highly rated Afghani spinners. He's never played against Rashid, Nabi, Mujeeb or Qais in a FC game (in Qais' case, they play for the same team). He's played Zahir Khan once and got out for 3.

    10. Gazza - Angelo Perera (300629)
    Done pretty well in SL domestix the last three years or so. Mixed results for SL A. Could do okay but there were better options still out there at this stage imo.

    11. morgieb - Adil Rashid (244497)
    Could overperform as a pretty solid ODI spinner in difficult spinning conditions, but really hard to gauge where he'll sit. Probably one of the more solid spin options left at that stage though.

    12. StephenZA - Joshua Richards (982593)
    Big call. Two years of CSA 3-Day runs for fun, but a little bit less ridiculous in franchise cricket. One more four-dayer between now and the end of the sim period so he might sneak a good score in and help his cause a bit. Likely to be a great retention player next time round.

    13. spark!ptz - Zulfiqar Babar (43871)
    Zulfiqar is a hero. That said, his Test record isn't pretty and I don't think his recent domestic results are good enough to salvage him. At 41, there were probably better options to go for looking for a young spinner to look towards the next season.

    14. Chewie - Akshay Wadkar (605360)
    Not bad as a reserve keeper, even though his runs have been a bit flat this season. Young player that could develop into next season too, so again a useful late-draft option.

    15. Julian - Abdur Rehman (39091)
    Been out to pasture in Test cricket a long time and been out of FC cricket a wee while now too. A little bit like Asif, depends how harsh the sim treats his time out of cricket.

    16. Phlegm - Stephen Murdoch (38003)
    Always been there or thereabouts in Plunket Shield, though seems to fluctuate from up-seasons to down-seasons and is in a down one at the moment it seems. Still a hero.

    17. jimmy_c8 - Dan Lawrence (641423)
    Surprised he didn't go sooner. One of those mega-rated guys that hasn't kicked on yet. Had a weak 2018 but was better last year and has plenty of upside. Again I think a smart option to find someone like that later in the sim too, in terms of next season's player retention.

    18. Captain - Tim David (892749)
    Never played a First Class match, but done ok-ish in Futures and made plenty of runs for Singapore. Like so many late-draft picks it's hard to gauge where he'll be at.

    19. GoodAreasShane - Tom Andrews (605566)
    A little bit of Nick Larkin theory at play. Outstanding Futures results with a tolerable FC record, not quite as spectacular in Futures as Larkin but still could fly under the radar. I like it as an option.

    20. Magrat Garlick - Parvez Rasool (378496)
    Lots of Ranji C cricket in his record, hasn't played India A in a while, not a huge bulk of FC runs lately. Bowling has been considerably better than batting of late, though, so could well be a very useful lower order spin option. Not the worst pick of the round but not the best either.

    21. DVMace09 - Jerome Taylor (53191
    [From Morgie] Jerome Taylor - very good late pick. Though a lot of his internationals were a while ago his record was always solid and he did well in his international comeback. Furthermore his most recent WICB season was excellent, though their domestic stuff is poor. There naturally is risk attached I guess but still a very fine selection.

    22. Boobidy - Mitchell Johnson (6033)
    What's annoying is he'll probably be really good.

    23. Skippos - Zak Crawley (665053)
    Probably not the best option right now, but could be a great man to have on your books when we next sim with player retention. Always worth a punt on a youngster, but that said maybe shouldn't go on Shane "Michael Beer 4 Ashes" Warne's recommendation.

    24. HeathDavisSpeed - Kamran Akmal (41028)
    The original Mr Dropsy. Fantastic recent record, I'm surprised he didn't go sooner. Can't imagine him being great but he won't be shit. Not bad for a bloke who debuted in November 1997.

    Best pick: Boyd Rankin
    Worst pick: Bahir Shah ffs
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  16. Howe JHF Howe

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  17. Alex AJ O'Driscoll

    You’re not morgie. Boyd Rankin love is nice to see though
  18. Dan DB Wayne

  19. Boobidy BJ Gemmell

    Rankin was a great pick. Had him on my list.
  20. DVMace09 Member

    Round 18

    1. HeathDavisSpeed - Zahir Khan (712219)
    Half spinner, half left-arm meds. Likely to get a bit owned by the sim after like a dozen FC games and only one ODI. Probably all Round 18 picks have to be taken with "is there an upside?" in mind, and for Zahir the answer to that is yes, but only for player retention.

    2. Skippos - Michael Hogan (275658)
    Is there an upside? Yes. Hogan has done well for a long time, been very consistent. Sure, Div 2 isn't the greatest standard, but he's got enough weight of results under his belt to still be solid imo.

    3. Boobidy - Jimmy Peirson (444970)
    Could be a good option, done ok in the Shield this year. Upside is that he's young with a high ceiling on ability.

    4. DVMace09 - Andries Gous (485379)
    From Morgie: Gous - a pretty nice pick this late. Does well in a good domestic competition and can keep.

    5. Magrat Garlick - Timm van der Gugten (333782)
    Never done a hell of a lot wrong, but 2019 was a bad year for him in Div 2. Good Dutch record. A useful R18 pickup but definitely going to be a staple of the 2nd XI circuit.

    6. GoodAreasShane [DVMace09] - Cameron White (8291)
    Morgie: White - very good pickup. Was still in decent form before retiring and was in his prime utter class.

    7. Captain [DVMace09] - Jarred Lysaught (1146759)
    Morgie: Lysaught - I don’t know if he’s any good or not, but it doesn’t matter. What matters is the moment around this pick. For giving us one of the best CPL moments of all-time, this is an amazing pick.

    8. jimmy_c8 - Josh Inglis (662235)
    Probably a selection on about par with Peirson. Done ok in FC, nothing spectacular about him, but a decent reserve wk option.

    9. Phlegm - Blair Tickner (854909)
    The only thing keeping his FC bowling average under 40 is that he's done weirdly well for NZ A. 2018-19 was a much better Plunket season for him, and 2019-20 has started well, but those career numbers are a pretty big hindrance on even a very strong recency bias.

    10. Julian - Sam Whiteman (334394)
    Offers a bit of utility with the bat and a reserve gloveman to boot. A solid pick.

    11. Chewie - Henry Cooper (707111)
    Love me some Henry Coops, coming off some runs lately too. Totally biased and love it as a pick, he'll make shitloads.

    12. spark!ptz - Michael Clarke (4578)
    He's played no cricket in 4.5 years and I hope the sim destroys him for it.

    13. StephenZA - Wandile Makwetu (595910)
    So far done better in Franchise cricket than 3-day which is interesting. But it's all a moot point really because he's gonna get owned by the sim for having played next to no cricket. Talented by all accounts though so who knows, this might be an inspired R18 pick come next season.

    14. morgieb - Matthew Kelly (638912)
    I like him, and he hasn't really set a foot wrong in First Class cricket. Not a huge weight of games or wickets behind him though, so he's a risk, but I like the option and think it's one of the better R18 picks.

    15. Gazza - Ben Wheeler (440523)
    See, if this pick and Tickner were swapped around, picking Tickner would make more sense. Always been a red ball bowler (why was he playing T20s for New Zealand again?) but the risk is his injury-rattled career means he doesn't have many red-ball wickets under his belt in the last few summers. Be interesting to see how the sim treats him.

    16. Howe and Dan - Liam Hatcher (901155)
    Dan taking Nick Larkin theory to its absolute extreme end. Watch as he next decides to pick Patrick Doobley on the strength of his Queensland Under-17s run in 2013/14.

    17. Hunter - Lahiru Kumara (784375)
    Terrible home record but done ok on more bowler friendly decks in Tests; I'm sure the sim will give him some credit for that. Worth a shot as a pick, but definitely not without risk.

    18. Baxter - Faizan Riaz (260038)
    I mean, he's a Round 18 draft for a reason. But I don't think he'll be totally terrible. Better than ZOHAIB at least. Put together some good FC seasons, mixed with some very average ones. Be interesting to see how the sim treats Pakistani domestic batsmen.

    19. Alex - George Bailey (4451)
    Has had a fairly weak FC run since beasting it in 2016-17, but it's totally ok if he fails with the bat because at least you're the only team to have an official selector.

    20. Cabinet96 - Jacques Kallis (45789)
    Better than the other option.

    21. Benny - Shoaib Malik (42657)
    I'm not doubting that he might do okay, and that he gives you a good utility option and a handy bowler, but all I'm saying is that you have to watch out that he doesn't cry about not getting picked, only to retire as soon as you play him in your XI.

    22. MrPrez - Yuvraj Singh (36084)
    I audibly sighed when I got to this point. In his last season of First Class cricket he made 99 runs in 7 bats, averaging 14. He basically hasn't existed this decade. I just really don't rate thisoption.

    23. Number 11 - Craig Ervine (55412)
    Responded to being picked 431st in the draft by making 85 at number three in a Test vs Sri Lanka. Makes a strong case that he shouldn't have been picked this late, which makes this a good pick.

    24. Athlai - Michael Papps (38111)
    I cannot rate this enough. A beautiful, beautiful way to end the draft.

    Best pick: Craig Ervine. He clearly knows how to time things for a sim window.
    Worst pick: Yuvraj Singh, though for the sake of nearly breaking the sim, definitely Ellyse Perry.
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