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    1. Cribbage
      Yeah, tend to agree. I think Penrith have the better side, but not by much, and Canterbury have the better coach and more finals-hardened players with experience. I'm tipping Penrith but it might be a case of heart over head with that one; should be close anyway.

      And yeah I reckon we pretty much saw the grand final tonight. Anything can happen in a one off game obviously but I just find it really hard to see Canterbury or Penrith beating Souths.

      It's a bit of a shame as a neutral that Week 1 of the finals ended up how it did. Two teams I considered pretenders and an injury-decimated side all ended up on one side of the draw. Either Easts or Melbourne winning in Week 1 would've made for a much better final series.
    2. Paddy
      Yeah I don't blame the refs entirely because the first half was beyond embarrassing. Just found it bullshit that the calls started happening after it was 30 all. In parts I think the Cows got dudded but on others I think they had 20 minutes to score a match winner. Never let it be a close game because the risk is calls like in the last 10 minutes often go against them. Weird game indeed. The positives though are that 2015 will be promising like you said, they have needed a decent hooker for a long time.
    3. Paddy
      So shitty at that exit. Not because of the knock on call but there was a cows player taken off the ball in that replay. Not to mention the Roosters field goal came from giving them the ball back when they knocked on.

      Im disgusted at the Cowboys first half for sure but they did damn well to reel it to 30 all. Im frustrated as hell.
    4. Sultan Pepper
      Sultan Pepper
      I've just discovered the magic that is Christopher hitchens, I assume you've been all over him for ages, any particular talks/works of his I should look out for?
    5. Paddy
      lol Its now us vs Sydney cunts now.
    6. Cribbage
      Yeah Souths were always going to beat Manly. Souths's strength directly matched up with Manly's weakness. Doesn't even necessarily mean Souths are the better side; it's just a particular match-up Manly were always going to get beaten in. As I said in the contenders v pretenders thread, Souths are a team they absolutely needed to avoid in general. Good news for Manly is that they're now on opposite sides of the draw and won't have to face Souths in an elimination game, I suppose.

      I've thought Sutton playing on the left edge was their best option since late last season tbh. They've had a problem for ages with a lack of any creativity on the edges and that should really give them another dimension as you say. Playing him up the guts was completely ridiculous though and a worse option even than just leaving Keary out altogether.
    7. Paddy
      Lets go Cowboys. Do this for Tatey.
    8. Tartmaster
      It's a bit hard to give it a fair judgment so far.
      We've still got an injury list that would probably beat some nrl teams.
      He has made some selections that I probably wouldn't agree with, but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.

      Once he gets a preseason and a full team hopefully we'll see some good signs.
      I do rate him as a coach so I'm cautiously optimistic for next season.
    9. Paddy
      Mind you the refs I think are partly to blame for the second Sharks try. One ref called knock on against the Sharks which got ignored, next play gives Sharks a penalty.
    10. Paddy
      Apparently they had flu during the week and throughout the game. I don't entirely blame that but explains their sluggishness a little. Thurston though, fucking champ.
    11. Paddy
      Hoping we never get Ben Cummins for the rest of the season too.
    12. Paddy
      May be a bit early to say but I have been pretty impressed with the improving Cows defence. Paul Green just may be the answer we have been after.
    13. Tartmaster
      It's possible.
      I've given up on expecting anywhere near decent performances though.

      Now that the season is beyond saving they'll probably finally lift though.
    14. Paddy
      Did this match really just happen? lol Fuck me.
    15. Frizzed
      Indeed. For some reason when you troll it generates a lot of discussion.
    16. Frizzed
      I'd rather not read your posts complaining about it.
    17. Frizzed
      If you watch The Wire please don't post about it.
    18. Wilson
      If you're in need of a TV show to watch, Graceland. Thank me later.
    19. Paddy
    20. Paddy
      Yeah they did well to get them in the end. Hopefully they get on a roll to the finals.
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